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Ever since our founding, Hanwha Polydreamer has been a market leader in the flexible packaging industry.
With historical experience and focused technology, Hanwha Polydreamer has led through innovation.

In 1962, Hanwha began by manufacturing the first cigarette packaging in Korea. In 1978, Hanwha invested in Aluminum Evaporators and now has the best Aluminum technology in its field. Consistent reinvestment has made Hanwha the preferred supplier in the flexible packaging industry.

Today, our main product line is food packaging including high barrier, retort pouches, refill bags, anti-static bags, holographics, cigarette packaging and more.

Hanwha also has a specialty product line featuring thermoforming containers for microwaves, and high transparency containers, amongst others.

As a food packaging supplier, Hanwha Polydreamer has always emphasized health and safety and environmental concerns, as a corporate priority.

We develop high value PDLC film, which has been met with a high degree of customer satisfaction, pioneering its applications with next generation technology in the fields of construction and display materials.

We have developed a wide variety of applications, including construction materials and screens, which have been manufactured on the basis of our know-how in the flexible packaging industry and core liquid crystal technology in the display industry.