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Hanwha Polydreamer Co. Ltd has been growing as one of Korea¡¯s leading manufacturers, exporting PVC Coated Fabrics to over 36 countries as the nation¡¯s primary producer of PVC Sheets and Tarpaulins.

We have acquired ISO 9001, CSFM, and other recognized domestic and international certifications. We have been developing environmentally-friendly products and making strategic alliances with leading foreign companies in the areas of new technology, capital and cooperative sales, to expand our businesses.

We provide different kinds of PVC Tarpaulin with continuous development of raw materials and innovation in our production lines. We export over 70% of our products, produced with technical skill and the strictest quality control.

With our Banner & Flex and Mesh products for printable tarpaulins, we have been recognized as a top manufacturer, supplying a variety of products according to customers¡¯ specific requirements.

The application of PVC Tarpaulin in the domestic market is restricted to transportation and other industrial fields, so the importance of exports is highly strategic despite price competition amongst manufacturers from less developed nations and skyrocketing raw material costs. We are making every effort to enhance our competitive position in foreign markets, by developing high value products and application-specific tarpaulins for such areas as advertising and leisure industries using new production methods to cut production costs and realize maximum profits and export ratios.

We are focusing on market diversification by attending exhibitions to promote our products and cultivating new markets through quality innovations.