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Divisions Subdivisions Name Contact number Email Address
Product inquiries Automobile Park Jongseong TEL: +82.2.898.4941~4942, +82.2.899.3816
FAX: +82.2.898.4946
Electricity/Electronic Jeong Huicheol playjhc@hanwha.com
Industrial/household goods Chae Gyohyeon ckh111@hanwha.com
Jo Yuyeon prc99999@hanwha.com
Chemical sales(Seoul) Jeong Jinwon TEL : +82.2.899.3813 / FAX : +82.2.898.4946 shinjo@hanwha.com
Chemical sales(Busan) Go Young Choon TEL : +82.51.305.8858 / FAX : +82.51.303.8861 kyc4451@hanwha.com
Careers Office Lee Jungro TEL : +82.2.899.4931 / FAX : +82.2.898.4946 imperial8051@hanwha.com
Production Kim Hyungtae TEL : +82.61.688.6962 / FAX : +82.61.688.6929 hyungtae.kim@hanwha.com
CSR Shin BongJune TEL : +82.2.899.4932 / FAX : +82.2.898.4946 brandon79@hanwha.com
Ethical Management Part Kisang TEL : +82.2.6959.6421 / FAX : +82.898.4946 kisang@hanwha.com
About UsHanwha Compound Introduction
An overview on Hanwha Compound, which aims
to develop functional materials in order to
embrace stable and prosperous
future for mankind and nature.
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VisionHanwha Compound
“Technology Based Global Compound Supplier”
Ensuring competence for a total compound solution,
we are committed to the provision of the best products
that meet customer requirements in order to
take a bold leap forward as a compound leader
possessing global competitiveness.
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Social contribution, ‘to go farther together.’
Building a happier tomorrow together, Hanwha is committed to realizing a happier tomorrow where everyone goes farther together.